Monday, May 26, 2008

Utah Visit

Last Wednesday we traveled down to Utah for my brother's wedding. We hadn't been down there since last July, so it was *fun* for me to become familiar with all the free-ways again. The wedding went smoothly, we ate our fill of our favorite Utah eateries (Cafe Rio, Barbacoa, and Crown Burger), and saw most of the extended families. Jamison was a good little traveler although he did get a cold while we were down there. Overall, it was a fun trip, but I am grateful to be in my own bed again. Air mattresses were not designed with pregnant women in mind.

Congratulations, Dan and Staci!


The Cannons said...

Scott LOVES Barbocoa but nobody else in his family is a big fan so we don't go there as often as Scott would like when we go to SLC for a visit. I myself prefer HIRES! It's my favorite.

J & H Larson said...

Dan married a very pretty girl! she is gorgeous!