Friday, May 16, 2008

Hi, I'm Liz...

...and I am addicted to Craigslist. The past few weeks I have been lucky to find some great things and now I can't help myself. Here's what I have bought:
  • our fabulous piano
  • 4 barely used maternity outfits (surprising, considering I have a hard time finding my size)
  • 4 barely used Gap outfits for Jamison
  • a bread maker
  • toddler bed for Jamison (he gets kicked out of his crib in 4 months, poor baby)
  • and a top secret father's day present
There have been some funny experiences with getting some of these items. Well, I guess mainly the bread maker. The lady I bought it from let me come to her work office to pick it up, since it was closer to where I live. Her office happens to be in the Idaho State Liquor Dispensary. So I got to haul my pregnant self, along with my 15 month old, into that lovely place. We especially liked the enormous display cases of liquor bottles.

After that embarrassing encounter, we realized there was no instruction manual with the bread maker. The nice selling lady said she would look for it at home, but could not find it. Great. I did many google searches, finding every manual existing for every Welbilt bread maker, but none for my model, the ABM3100. Eventually, on a recipe site, I found a comment from 3 years ago about Welbilt bread makers. I searched the reply comments and found one from a man saying he had the ABM3100 manual and would scan it and send it to the lady in charge of the site. I e-mailed her, asking if she had it and could possibly e-mail it. Within one hour, I had it. Unfortunately, the 30 page manual had been scanned in one page at a time, so Walker had to do some quick editing last night, and voila, I have my manual. A big thank you to Betsy at recipelink!

This is just one story from my Craigslist experiences. Stay tuned for more...


Julie said...

I loved this post! I'd love to hear more about your Craig's List experiences...I've just recently discovered it. We got our crib and changing table for an incredible deal, our Baby Bjorn, and my jogging stroller (Just $25! It was a steal!) I check every day now just to make sure I don't miss anything. :)

Kylee Jane said...

hahah.....WOW I wouldn't have gone to nearly that much work to find the manual. Kudos to you for being so communication savvy!

Liz said...

Without the manual I couldn't have figured out how to work it. So it was a necessity.

The Cannons said...

Maybe you should be a detective. I don't think I would have been able to find the manual. I am totally addicted to Craigslist as well. I love getting a good deal. I think it is the best thing since sliced bread.

J & H Larson said...

Isn't it great? We bought a computer recently so now we each can sit down and be computer nerds and not argue over who gets to use the computer! ahhh I love it. What is this swap thing you speak of? It sounds lovely!