Thursday, November 27, 2008

Together Again

Well, I'm not sure how to sum up the last few weeks. We've survived and are still in one piece. We drove down on the 16th and didn't get our internet or phones working until yesterday. When I was finally able to call my parents, my Dad said "it was like when the Apollo 13 capsule emerged from the reentry blackout and everybody starts to cheer and hug. We can hear Liz and Walker and Jamison again! Hurray! Hurray! They're alive!"

We've been welcomed with open arms from our family in Salt Lake. Between us we have over 75 relatives in Salt Lake (yes, I counted everyone).

We are renting a home in Millcreek that is 1 minute away from our favorite restaurants: Cafe Rio and Barbacoa. Walker is still loving his job and I am still loving being home with the kids. We are mostly unpacked and organized (Walker, good man that he is, unpacked most of the boxes before I came) and are finally getting settled.

Jamison fell in love with an ugly orange tupperware that belonged to my parents. He wore it all the time -- in the bath, in bed, in the car. My parents graciously gave it to him before we left, but I am thinking about mailing it back to them. It sure is ugly.

Vivienne is still our little dainty girl, but definitely has a good set of lungs. She is smiling occasionally and is sort of getting on a schedule. Although the last 4 nights we have been up until 2:00am with her. I guess that's her new schedule.

We've enjoyed Thanksgiving week and are very grateful for our many blessings... most of all for being able to be together as a family again.

Blessing Day

A thoughtful pose

We had the opportunity of blessing Vivienne in Boise on November 16th. It was our last day in our beloved Bergeson Ward. We had the blessing, then hopped in the car and drove to Salt Lake City. I am grateful we were able to say some last goodbyes to our dear friends, which of course just added to the emotions of the day.

Here are some not so very good pictures of us:

The picture made me laugh... a lot. This is pretty much a bad picture of everyone. Don't ask me what Vivienne is doing. And yes, that is marker on Jamison's forehead and a tupperware hat on his head.

I think Vivienne likes being pushed by Jamison.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ode to Dr. Klomp

Here's what I know about the man:

He was married and had a few kids. His wife got cancer. For six months she stayed in the U of U hospital and he drove down to be with her every weekend. A while after she passed away, he married again. He had two more kids. They are in elementary now, while the older set are grown up. He has grandchildren the same age as his younger kids. He was a Stake President. He is now our Stake Patriarch. He is always on call... always. He is old. He had no plans of retiring (so he says). He jogs to the hospital from his home. He has a glass eye. He learns Chinese for fun. He calls me "Miss Lizzy." He always tells me he is proud of me.

As odd as it may sound, I will truly miss my doctor.

As a side note, when Walker and I were discussing baby names, Walker asked what Dr. Klomp's first name was.

"Robert," I said.

Walker replied, "Well, if it's a boy, let's name him that with the middle name of Red."

You figure it out.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Welcome to Crazy Town

I think I have officially gone crazy. This last week, we found a nice family to rent our home. We feel good about the renting situation and decided to go for it. The only bad thing is that they need to move in ASAP, so that means we had to kick into high gear to get moved out. Walker came up from Utah with his parents on Friday, we packed up every last thing we own (in 1.5 days!) and he is now driving the big moving truck back down to Utah. I am staying at my parents for two weeks, while I wait for my doctor's appointment, and while Walker finds a place for us in Salt Lake. Then our little family can finally be together again. Yahoo! I am ready to put an end to this chapter of our lives!

Jamison has handled everything very well. He is now used to Walker coming and going for weekends, and is familiar with driving to the airport. He has become more clingy the last couple months, and I think it will be a relief when things finally settle down. And sorry we didn't get any Halloween pictures. Jamison absolutely refused to put on his cute monkey costume. I mean, he was kicking and screaming on the floor. Maybe next year.

Vivienne (AKA Miss Piggy) continues to grow and grow and grow. She still has her days and nights mixed up, which makes for a very tired mommy. We also had a visit from the dreaded mastitis fairy (commiserate with me, Mitzi) this last week. Why does it seem like everything happens at once?

A huge thank you to all who helped us pack and load our stuff. And an especially big thank you to my mother who has lived with me for the last 2.5 months and is now letting us live in her house.

And now I'm going to go take a nap while the kiddies are both asleep. Miracles upon miracles!