Thursday, November 27, 2008

Together Again

Well, I'm not sure how to sum up the last few weeks. We've survived and are still in one piece. We drove down on the 16th and didn't get our internet or phones working until yesterday. When I was finally able to call my parents, my Dad said "it was like when the Apollo 13 capsule emerged from the reentry blackout and everybody starts to cheer and hug. We can hear Liz and Walker and Jamison again! Hurray! Hurray! They're alive!"

We've been welcomed with open arms from our family in Salt Lake. Between us we have over 75 relatives in Salt Lake (yes, I counted everyone).

We are renting a home in Millcreek that is 1 minute away from our favorite restaurants: Cafe Rio and Barbacoa. Walker is still loving his job and I am still loving being home with the kids. We are mostly unpacked and organized (Walker, good man that he is, unpacked most of the boxes before I came) and are finally getting settled.

Jamison fell in love with an ugly orange tupperware that belonged to my parents. He wore it all the time -- in the bath, in bed, in the car. My parents graciously gave it to him before we left, but I am thinking about mailing it back to them. It sure is ugly.

Vivienne is still our little dainty girl, but definitely has a good set of lungs. She is smiling occasionally and is sort of getting on a schedule. Although the last 4 nights we have been up until 2:00am with her. I guess that's her new schedule.

We've enjoyed Thanksgiving week and are very grateful for our many blessings... most of all for being able to be together as a family again.


Jon & Heather said...

Hey I have a baby that goes to 2 am too! Isn't it fun! Glad you are settled- for the most part. Enjoy being back in SLC- I wish I were there.

Diana and Brian said...

Walker and Liz,
Welcome back to Salt Lake. It sounds like you are incredibly close to where we live. I would say we're about 30 seconds aways from Barbacoa and 2 minutes away from Cafe Rio! It would be fun to see your family again!
An old high school friend, Diana better known as "Piele"

Lee and Melody said...

I'm glad you made it safely, what a good Walker to help with unpacking! And not to laugh about your baby keeping you up, but every time I'm up late with a fussy Jana I think, "I wonder if Liz is up too?" :) We'll make it somehow!