Friday, February 20, 2009


Last month I took Jamison to the doctor for his 2 year check up. After waiting over 30 minutes (torture!) the doc declared Jamison healthy and happy. Then he proceeded to tell me about a research lab they're doing for a meningitis vaccine and would we like more information? Sure. Three research technicians then entered the room. After going over everything, I decided to go for it. First, apparently this vaccine is going to become a standard for kids (so Jamison would have to get it sometime anyway). Second, we get paid for it. All we would have to do is read and sign a bunch of papers, get Jamison's blood drawn, give him the shot, record his temperature for a week, then come back in a month and get his blood drawn again. So I signed his name away.

2.5 hours, 6 suckers, 1 cup of water thrown at a nurse, and countless tears later, we were done. Whew. I sure regretted my decision. Poor kid.

Yesterday Walker took Jamison to have his blood taken for the second time. They were in and out in less than 10 minutes. Coming home, Jamison walked through the door with a big smile and showed me his sucker. And (almost) all my mom guilt washed away.

Walker gave me the check from the doc, but it's still sitting on the counter. We both feel guilty about using Jamison's blood money. So it's going to go towards his diapers. And maybe he'll get a toy out of it, too.

P.S. The nice research man called me yesterday and after many phone calls, we figured out that Jamison missed one of his regular shots at 18 months. So the poor little guy has to go in again. Maybe he'll get 2 toys out of that money.

And I can't write a post without adding a picture of Vivienne. Cutie pie!