Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blessing Day

A thoughtful pose

We had the opportunity of blessing Vivienne in Boise on November 16th. It was our last day in our beloved Bergeson Ward. We had the blessing, then hopped in the car and drove to Salt Lake City. I am grateful we were able to say some last goodbyes to our dear friends, which of course just added to the emotions of the day.

Here are some not so very good pictures of us:

The picture made me laugh... a lot. This is pretty much a bad picture of everyone. Don't ask me what Vivienne is doing. And yes, that is marker on Jamison's forehead and a tupperware hat on his head.

I think Vivienne likes being pushed by Jamison.


Jon & Heather said...

Hey, my baby was blessed on the same day! Although he looks like a giant in comparison to little Viv. Don't ya just love bad pictures? I have lots of them......I think about deleting them and then I think, "They might make me laugh someday!"

The Cannons said...

Those are some sweet pictures. I think those pictures just about sum up the last few months for you guys. I'm glad you are getting settled. Maybe we'll have to go to Barbacoa together at Christmas time. It's Scott's favorite too.