Monday, May 19, 2008

Pregnancy Brain

For those child-bearing women out there, do you get the crazy pregnancy brain? I sure do.

This morning I was hurrying to get out the door to get to my ultrasound. I wanted to get our tithing check in the mail before I left, so I hurr
iedly wrote it out while Jamison was biting my leg. I rushed to drop him off at our neighbors, mailed the check, got in the car and jetted. Five minutes later I realized I had stupidly switched two numbers on the check and tithing slip, so it completely didn't add up. I also realized I forgot to grab Walker's laptop that he had asked me to bring. I felt like a big dummy.

The ultrasound went fine. I like seeing the baby, but the drinking 32 ounces of water in 30 minutes in the morning sure is hard. Kudos to those sweet ultrasound technicians -- I can't tell what anything on that screen is.

I was hoping the entire time that the check would still be in the mailbox when I got home. No luck.

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Kimberly said...

I can totally relate! When I am pregnant I am constantly saying, "oh, hold on, I forgot what I was going to say..."

I am impressed that you get the tithing check in the mail. On Sundays, we are always searching for the checkbook before church and sometimes leave church realizing we forgot to give our check to one of the bishopric.

Your ultrasound picture is so cute. I always loved reaching this point in the pregnancy knowing I was halfway through. Is your morning sickness any better?