Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mister Rogers

For the last 4 or so months, Jamison and I have watched Mister Rogers' Neighborhood every week day. Jamison now knows the opening music and will come running into the TV room when he hears it. He gets excited when he sees the trolley, and especially the man. He dances to the songs and tries to snap his fingers with Mister Rogers.

Over the months, we have seen how many things, from orange juice to cheerios, are made. We have visited dance studios, bakeries, zoos, and underground mushroom farms. We have been reassured that we won't go down the bathtub drain, that cows do not bite, and that it's alright to be frightened or shy.

We have gotten to know all the characters very well, yet our favorite is Lady Elaine Fairchilde. Anna Platypus and Mayor Maggie annoy us a bit, but hearing Lady Elaine call people "toots" makes up for it. And who can go a day without seeing Neighbor Aber or Lady Aberlin?

If any of you are ever in our neighborhood, stop by. Jamison would love to show you his favorite episodes.


Kimberly said...

Oh, I love Mister Rogers! I don't think our PBS station plays that show anymore. I wish they did, I think my kids would love it!

Jonathan & Heather said...

Oh good ol Mr. Rogers. Who doesn't love that man? I would totally stop by if I were in the neighborhood, but sadly our neighborhoods are 17 hours apart :0( Enjoy the characters without me!