Friday, June 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged

4 Jobs I have had
1.) Ada Community Library -- for 2.5 years in high school
2.) Testing Center at BYU-Idaho
3.) Teacher Assistant at LDS Business College
4.) Intern at the SLC District Attorney's Office

4 Movies I would watch more than once
1.) Singin' in the Rain
2.) What's Up, Doc?
3.) Freaky Friday
4.) School of Rock

4 Places I have lived
1.) Salt Lake City, Utah
2.) Boise, Idaho
3.) Rexburg, Idaho
4.) That's all!

4 Places I have been to/visited
1.) France
2.) New York City
3.) Disneyworld
4.) Hawaii

4 Favorite Foods
1.) French Fries (or anything potatoes)
2.) Cupcakes
3.) Pizza
4.) Hamburgers

4 Places I would like to Visit
1.) Austria/Germany (Walker's mission)
2.) Italy
3.) Prince Edward Island
4.) San Francisco

4 Things I am looking Forward to
1.) Having baby #2
2.) Swimming and visiting the zoo with Jamison this summer
3.) Jamison and baby #2 getting a cousin (who knows when?)
4.) Taking a vacation (maybe next year!)

4 Friends I am Tagging
1.) Holly Whatcott
2.) Rebecca Nielsen
3.) Mitzi Cannon
4.) Starla Erickson


J & H Larson said...

How could I have forgotten Singing in the Rain! I LOVE THAT ONE- it's my favorite and yet I failed to list it- uh, bad Heather. I too would go to Prince Edward Island- I had quite the Anne of Green Gables addiction for a while- I looked into schools there....and I am still trying to get Jon to consider a move to Canada. It's just beautiful- seems like a place you could really call home.

The Cannons said...

Ok so I went to BYU-Idaho for 5 years, (that's right 5 years) and I took a test probably at least once a week. I'm trying to remember if I remembered you. I think we are pretty close to the same age so I know I must have seen you there. That's really funny to me.

The Cannons said...

By the way we should totally take our kids swimming together this summer, that would be fun.