Monday, June 2, 2008

Fanci Freeze

On Saturday, we treated ourselves to some ice cream cones at our local favorite, Fanci Freeze. This little place has been open since 1947, making it the oldest ice cream/burger place in Boise. Here's a description from Boise Weekly:

Shakes, malts, spins, sundaes and the Boston shake (one part sundae, one part shake) are what have made Fanci Freeze a Boise favorite for years. But because we can't live on ice cream alone, Fanci Freeze also serves a whole mess of burgers, some of the crispiest tots in town and even a grilled cheese for the non-meat-eater.

Can't beat crispy tots and shakes. So, on our latest visit, Walker was determined to teach Jamison how to lick the ice cream with his tongue, instead of just sticking his little lips onto the whole thing, thereby creating a large mess. After many attempts, he did it! Another large step for our little boy.


The Cannons said...

How sad for you that you have to eat more milkshakes, what will you do? I am glad you talked about a local place that has good ice-cream and hopefully burgers. We will have to check it out, I love the old places for food their the best. Good job Jamison.

J & H Larson said...

I love that place! Sadly, I have not been there for ages :0( so enjoy plenty of it for me! I had not checked your website in ages and was happy to see you guys got a blog started (I am a blog freak) congrats on your second pregnancy as well! I too am preggers- with our first- it's a boy due in September. Looks like you guys are doing great!
Heather Larson (stewart)

J & H Larson said...

I just read that you are not finding out the sex of the baby and wow- willpower! I could never resist that temptation! You guys are about a month behind me and Jon- lucky us- suffering through a hot pregnant summer!

J & H Larson said...

I found it through your original website. ( I am well on my way to a 40 lb weight gain! I have gained 18 lbs thus far.