Friday, August 22, 2008


Liz and I have set some blogging rules for ourselves, in order to minimize the kitschy-ness and promote the entertain-ability of our family blog. We know there are thousands of others out there, clammoring for your attention just like ours -- so we thank you for visiting, and want you to be glad you stopped by for a visit.

The rules run as follows. There will be no lol's and no pictures of our dinners. Words will be properly spelled and as grammatically correct as the sanity of the day allows. Stick with brevity in word...and picture. Dignity, always dignity. And so forth...

I guess they're more like guidelines, really, since certain rare situations merit their breaking. Tonight will be one such time.

We thank Andrades of Boise for going the extra culinary mile the other night. Yes, here is a picture of our dinner. How could so much love between a pair of burritos go blogless. We heart Andrades; and we heart each other.

(Heart is now going on the forbidden list.)


Jon & Heather said...

ohhhh that looks so good. How dare you post food pictures! Don't you know pregnant ladies read your blog! Now I'll have to dream and drool over burritos that I can't get because it's much too late for a Betos run :0(

The Cannons said...

That is so funny, I think I have broken every one of your family blog rules. That is a hilarious picture of burritos I must say.

Jenn and Tyler said...

That meal looks like it totally rocked! I'll try to make sure my comments follow your "guidelines"! Except LOL, and BTW, and OMGosh! Sorry, I just can't help myself!

The Cannons said...

Love the burrito picture. I whole-heartedly support the advocacy of spelling and grammatical accuracy in blogging. No one seems to worry too much about those issues nowadays. I try my best, but honestly, who has time to proofread their own blog entries in this crazy world? I guess that's what spouses are for.