Monday, August 25, 2008


Change is inevitable. But sometimes it jumps out at us when we least expect it.

Walker left yesterday to start his new job in Salt Lake City. And I am left in Boise to take care of a 19 month old crazy boy while being 8 months pregnant.

After working through all the different scenarios, we decided this was the best one. I will stay in Boise for the baby's birth, after which we will pack up and move on down.

This will most definitely be a hard 2 months, but I am grateful for the support of neighbors, friends, family, and the ward. Keep those meals coming!

I won't lie and say we're happy and excited about the move. We are perfectly content in Boise and in our house. But we won't fight against what we're supposed to do.

For me, one of the best parts of the move is that I won't have to get a new Utah driver's license. Yes, after living in Boise for 2 years, I still don't have my Idaho driver's license. Don't ask, long story.


Rebecca said...

I'm sorry Walker had to leave you, Liz! I'm glad your parents are close by and I hope everything goes smoothly for all of you.

Jon & Heather said...

I feel for you- I am moving this Friday (37 weeks prego) and I am sooooo stressed! So good luck when you have to do it- with a 19 month old and a newborn it's gonna be hard- so yes, take advantage of all the people that you can! way to look on the bright side and find happiness in knowing that you wont need a new license! Good luck with it all :0)

Jon & Heather said...

Everyone has told me that moving BEFORE having the baby would be easier. I think either way it will be stinky. You're lucky though- you have lots of people to help ya! So you can tell them what to do- you just sit back and delegate.

Jenn and Tyler said...

Oh Liz, I feel so bad you're leaving just when we're getting to know eachother. Aren't you so thankful for blog? I'm just happy you're in such a delicate situation where you need lots of attention, works well for me since I haven't made too many friends yet!

The Cannons said...

We'll be sad to see you go but we will help you move, call us. If you need me to watch Jamison so you can get a break I will. Maybe we could meet halfway.

Keenanonie said...

Wow. Good for you two to brave this transition right now. We were between places during Samuel's birth, but at least Keenan was mostly with me. I couldn't have survived without him. We are so excited to finally get settled in our new place within a couple days. Good luck!! I promise all this will make you stronger and more grateful than ever.