Friday, February 4, 2011

#4 Birthday!

Jamison turned 4 in January!

He had a fun party at preschool and one at home with his church friends.
"Can I have a party with my nursery friends? But not my preschool friends because I don't like my preschool friends."
Ummm, sure Jamison.

Since he has been trying to snitch our camera lately, we got him his own kid-proof camera.
It has been a big hit and there are many unflattering pictures of me on it.
And a lot of Vivienne's feet.

Jamison asked for a rainbow cake and this is what he got.
He was pretty excited about it and asked for one next year.
Glad that went over well!


Mitzi said...

How in the heck did you do that rainbow cake? Sweet!

Tamara said...

Zoweee! A Roy G. Biv cake. Hey, wait! You left out the indigo.

Amy said...

Um, can I just say I love the rainbow cake!!! Did that take forever to make or what? I want to know how to make that fabulous cake!