Monday, August 9, 2010


We are fortunate enough to have a family cabin here in Utah. Jamison's first visit was last summer, and he talked about it ALL winter. When we finally were able to go this year, he was shaking with excitement.

I have many, many fun memories of the cabin as a child. As an adult taking children, I've realized that it is more work for me. But seeing the enjoyment on Jamison and Vivienne's faces makes it all worth it.

Next time you see Jamison, ask him about the cabin. He can talk about it for a while! And Vivienne learned to say "river" and "rock" last time we were up. Can you guess what her favorite activity is?


Diana said...

Cabins are wonderful! There is something almost magical about them as a child.

Andrew and Ariel said...

Please stop; you're making us homesick!

Heather said...

welcome back to blogging! :0) the outdoors with a 2 year old scares me. rowan manages to get filthy in just the backyard, so the real outdoors would be oh so interesting.