Friday, January 23, 2009

2 Years Already?

Jamison turned 2!

The cake is supposed to look "furry" (coconut icing) with dog paw prints, before they fell off.
Jamison just liked the candy.
And I'm trying to prevent him from burning himself.

We celebrated with pizza, cake, toy trains, animals, and cars.
Could life get any better?

5 days old

Jamison is spunky, fearless, and funny.
He loves dogs, cats, elephants, coloring, wrestling with Daddy, puzzles, hide and seek, organizing, and movies.

4 months old

Jamison definitely makes our home a happier place.
We are so glad to have him!

1 year old


Jen Gillespie said...

Happy Birthday Jamison. What a handsome little man. Glad you have a great day!

Mrs. Heather said...

Wow, another post already! You have momentum Liz- keep it up! I like the cake- and I think the candy would be my favorite part as well. Are those Reeses peanut butter cups? (mmmmm) What a cute kid- and yes, two years did fly by. It doesn't seem like that long ago when I was looking at your old website and he was just a wee thing. I know I will be saying the exact same thing in 20 months-" Two years already?!"

Karen said...

Wow, has it really been two years?? That was so fast. Eli is a year next month!!
Great job on the cake. It totally looks "furry" and love the paws. Very creative!

kj said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Jamison! Seeing his pics of his first year really shows that he's now a little boy. He's a sweet one at that. Good job on his birthday cake. It is great you're blogging again.

Kimberly said...

Oh, what a sweetie! Isn't it amazing how quickly time flies! Before you know it, he'll be going to kindergarten! Love your cake, by the way...very fun!