Sunday, October 19, 2008

Farmer Jamison

While cleaning out our garden this week, Walker was surprised to find these carrots. We didn't have much luck with our garden this year (it was ignored after Walker left for Utah) and these carrots were a nice surprise.

Our little cowboy.

Jamison somehow got this bundt pan stuck on his head. He couldn't get it off and started panicking. Walker had to force it off, leaving a bruise on Jamison's forehead. Five minutes later he wanted to do it again.

Our little sweet pea.


Karen said...

WHAT?? How in the world did he get into the bundt pan? You'll have to catch that on video next time. I'm glad Walker was able to get it off. And what a cute sleeper on Vivienne.

Jen Gillespie said...

What a fun little boy. I just want to kiss him. And Vivienne is just adorable. Fun Fun Fun.

kj said...

Those pics are so darling! I love the first 2 of J and this is the first that I really can see Walker's image in him. He's changing to a little boy. Field cowboy is precious. How does a cake pan get stuck on your head. Owwie! V is looking so cute. Keep those pics comin' for us that don't get to see the kids very often.

Jonathan & Heather said...

Love it- he is adorable. Good thing I don't have a bunt cake pan- at least that is one thing I don't have to worry about Rowan getting stuck on his head.

Kimberly said...

Jamison is so cute! Kids and their adventures are just so fun. For some reason I thought I'd left a comment about your new baby girl, but somehow it disappeared. Anyway, she is beautiful. How fun. You get to experience the joys of having a boy and a girl! How are you adjusting to life with two? I hope everything is going well...Lots of Hugs! Kimberly