Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What NOT To Say To a Pregnant Woman

1. "You look like you're about to pop!"
2. "Are you due any day now?" (Asked when the pregnant lady still has 6 weeks left.)
3. "You have a big pumpkin up your shirt."
4. "You're fat!"
5. "You look a LOT better with this pregnancy."

These have all been said to me within the last two weeks. And how should I respond? I usually just do the old smile and nod routine. In my defense, my doctor is still encouraging me to eat as much as I want whenever I want, because he's still not satisfied with my weight gain. So there :)


Jon & Heather said...

Ye, some people....really. The blunt, "You're fat." is really bad. It's amazing the things people will say- I feel for you cause I too have had mean things said to me. I know you are tiny Liz- don't worry.

Keenanonie said...

No kidding! One of my student's moms said to me, "Hello large one." when coming up from behind! Didn't make my day, needless to say... Wasn't feeling too large until then!

The Cannons said...

Oh man that is awesome. Well if it makes you feel any better you look great pregnant and I wish I was as tiny as you, especially when you are pregnant.

Lee and Melody said...

Oh, I totally hear you! I have 5 weeks left, and the other night at work I came walking in and one of the other nurses goes, "How are your pants even staying up?"
I didn't know what to say to that. Yeah, my pants are big to accomodate for my LARGE GIRTH! :)

Jenn and Tyler said...

That's right! You look great and I would not guess you are 8 months prego! How are things? I just back, well 6 days ago but I am also now settled and unpacked just barely. So now we can have a play date or something! Call me, or I'll call you.